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Kindergarten Word Play

Ensino Educação
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Kindergarten Word Play is a set of 250+ interactive exercises to teach kids about 250+ words. Phonics, images and spoken words create a complete learning experience in this app. Kindergarten Kids Word Play is for kids who know their ABCs and are now learning how those alphabets make words.• Word learning app with 250+ words• Match, Sight Words, Phonics and Spelling games• Images, spoken words and phonics sounds for a complete learning experience• No third-party ads and No data collection.
The games are -
* Match Connect the written word to it's image. Tap the image to hear the word.
* Sight Words Learn sight words using a memory game.
* Phonics Complete the word using the phonetic sound of the missing letter or letter combination.
* Spelling Re-arrange the given letters into a word for the image. Tap the image to hear the word. Tap the empty spots to hear what letter goes there.
Our StoryWhen we looked for apps to help teach our kids, we couldn't find any that were good. One was just information text for the kids to learn by rote. Another was multiple-choice tests - just press buttons. A third had 2 sound-tracks and 4 animations running all at the same time. How was a kid supposed to focus?
So, we designed and built them games - that teach in the way parents and teachers explain concepts, and engage in the way playing does.